Romani Soundbites - Audio CD

This is a series of short texts read out in English, which give examples of Romani vocabulary as it is used by the Romani Gypsies of England and Wales. This is a ZIP file of the full Audio CD tracks as mp3 files. These can be burnt to an Audio CD for listening on a normal CD player using software such as Windows media player or Apple iTunes

Romani Tales

This programme contains a number of narratives told by Roma, Gypsies and Travellers from different European countries, with videos and activities aimed to promote discussion of aspects of Romani culture and attitudes towards Roma, Gypsies and Travellers. This file is an ISO image, which serves both Windows PCs and Apple Macs. It can be burnt to a CD/DVD, or mounted directly.

Romalen -- ispiden kathe te dikhen o DVD!

Romani Language - An Interactive Journey

Full ISO image.

This programme tells the history and outlines the present-day situation of the Romani language, from its origins in India, through to the changes it underwent in Anatolia, its dispersal across Europe, and recent efforts to use Romani in schools and media. The text is accompanied by interactive illustrations, games, and sound samples. The programme is multilingual and isĀ available both separatey in each of the languages listed below, and in a combined multilingual version.

The ISO disk image of the full multi-lingual 'Romani Language - an Interactive Journey' serves both Windows PCs and Apple Macs. It will need to be burnt to a DVD-R or a CD-R (800MB).

Individual Languges - zip

Due to the large size of the full CD image we have also broken it down into single language version. Choose a language version from the list below to download as a 'zip' file. These files will need to be 'un-zipped' before you can use them.