Information on the Romani Language and Linguistics Website

Project coordinator and responsible for the content of this site:
Professor Yaron Matras
School of Arts, Languages and Cultures
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL
United Kingdom

The Manchester Romani Project is part of an international network of scholarly projects devoted to research on Romani language and linguistics, coordinated in partnership with Dieter Halwachs (Institute of Linguistics, Graz University and Romani-Projekt Graz), and Peter Bakker (Institute of Linguistics, Aarhus University).

The Romani Linguistics Site was created with support from the Faculty of Arts and the School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures, as well as from the Romani-Projekt, Graz.

Data processing and technical assistance: Charlotte Jones, Viktor Leggio, Laura Arman, Hazel Gardner

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