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  • Roma migrants: a challenge or an opportunity for our cities?

    A panel discussion forum with

    • Rt Hon David Blunkett, MP
    • Dr Michael Stewart (University College London)
    • Carol Powell, Principal, Gorton Mount Primary Academy
    • Fay Selvan, Chief Executive, The Big Life Company
    • Professor Yaron Matras, University of Manchester
    • Dr Nissa Finney, University of Manchester
    • Ramona Constantin, Romani Community Outreach Worker

    and launch of the book 'I met lucky people': The Story of the Romani Gypsies (Penguin Press/Allen Lane), by Yaron Matras

  • Roundtable: Balkan Music and Roma Migrants in the UK

    November 6, 5-6.30pm

    In the last few years thousands of Roma have emigrated to the UK and fears of Gypsy hordes have appeared in the media. Simultaneously, Balkan music is becoming increasingly popular. Dragan Ristic, Roma leader of the band KAL, Angelina Taikon, Head Teacher of the Romani School in Stockholm, Lis Murphy from Musicians Without Borders, Ramona Constantin and Leo Tanase, members of the Manchester Roma community, will discuss how Balkan music can be used to positively affect perceptions and attitudes about Roma migrants. Organized by the Romani Project in partnership with The Satellite State Disko, this roundtable is chaired by Professor Yaron Matras.

    The event is part of Border Crossing, CIDRAL series of public events and masterclasses:

    Following the roundtable KAL will head to Academy 3 for the first date of their UK tour:

  • 10th International Conference on Romani Linguistics, University of Barcelona, 5th-7th September 2012
  • The Gypsy Lore Society Annual Meeting and Conference on Gypsy Studies, Istanbul, 20th-23rd September 2012.
  • Codeswitching in Online Communication- A postgraduate workshop, March 26th, 10am-5pm, University of Manchester, University Place room 6.208
  • Preliminary programme of the conference on 'Romani Diasporas, Romani Migrations'
    (2007 Annual Meeting of the GLS)
  • International Conference on "Romani Diasporas, Romani Migrations". The international conference on “Romani Diasporas, Romani Migrations” (2007 Annual Meeting of the Gypsy Lore Society) took place at the University of Manchester, England, between 6-8 September 2007. It was hosted by the Romani Project, in cooperation with the Migration and Diaspora Cultural Studies Network at the School of Languages, Linguistics & Cultures, University of Manchester. The event took place alongside an international conference on “Creolising Europe”, hosted by the Migration and Diaspora Cultural Studies Network.
  • Launch event of the Romani Project Website, January 2006
    Statements of Support - Press Coverage.
  • 7th International Conference on Romani Linguistics, Charles University, Prague, 14-16 September, 2006. Theme: Anthropological Perspectives on the Romani Language. For information see:
  • The Fourth International Conference on Romani Linguistics took place at the University of Manchester in September 1998. See conference abstracts.
  • The Romani Morpho-Syntax (RMS) Database received media attention during its first funding period.
  • The situation of Romani in Britain was mentioned during an open day on Endangered Languages at the Department of Linguistics, in May 2002. See press report.
  • A training seminar in Romani linguistics, jointly organised by the Manchester Romani Project and the ROMANI-Projekt Graz, with support from the Open Society Institute, took place at the Council of Europe’s Centre for European Languages in Graz in November 2004. There were 25 participants from 14 countries – graduate students and fieldwork assistants, of both Romani and non-Romani origin. The week-long seminar was followed by a two-day international research colloquial. View the programme.