Tag definitions

Main tags
A Adverb
AD Adjective Derivation
AC Adverbial Clause
AI Adjective Inflection
CC Complement Clause
COP Copula
DEM Demonstrative
IND Indefinites
IR Interrogatives (Relatives)
MOD Modals
ND Noun Derivation
NEG Negation
NI Noun Inflection
NUM Number
P Particle
PG Possessive and genitive constructions
PP Pronouns
PR Prepositions
RC Embeddings and relative clauses
SR Semantic Role
UM Utterance Modifier
VD Verb derivation (+ 1-10)
VI Verb inflection
Semantic Role
Possessed in negative clauses SR-POS-N
Possessor: proper SR-POS-P
Possessor: kinship SR-POS-K
Possessor: existential SR-POS-E
Possessor: local SR-POS-L
Subject: negative local-existential SR-SBJ-N
Subject: experiencer SR-SBJ-E
Recipient: give SR-REC-G
Recipient: other SR-REC-O
Benefactive SR-BEN
Goal SR-GO
Reason/cause SR-RC
Source: ask SR-SO-A
Source: other SR-SO-O
Material SR-M
Partitive SR-PA
Associative: comitative SR-ASS-C
Associative: instrument SR-ASS-I
Privative SR-PRI
Referential SR-REF
Semantic Role – Location
Incorporative SR-LOC-I
Incorporative: ablative SR-LOC-I-A
Non-incorporative SR-LOC-N
Proximate SR-LOC-P
Horizontal: in front of (anterior) SR-LOC-H-A
Horizontal: behind (posterior) SR-LOC-H-P
Vertical: under (inferior) SR-LOC-V-I
Vertical: over (superior) SR-LOC-V-S
Vertical:on (contact) SR-LOC-V-C
Vertical: from the top SR-LOC-V-T
Other: beside SR-LOC-O-BS
Other: along SR-LOC-O-AL
Other: opposite SR-LOC-O-O
Other: between SR-LOC-O-BT
Other: across SR-LOC-O-AC
Other: through SR-LOC-O-T
Other: around SR-LOC-O-AR
Other: prolative SR-LOC-O-P
Semantic Role – Time
Simultaneous: hour SR-TEMP-SI-H
Simultaneous: part of day SR-TEMP-SI-P
Simultaneous: day of week SR-TEMP-SI-DW
Simultaneous: day relative SR-TEMP-SI-DR
Simultaneous: month SR-TEMP-SI-M
Simultaneous: season SR-TEMP-SI-S
Simultaneous: year SR-TEMP-SI-Y
Simultaneous: festival SR-TEMP-SI-F
Simultaneous: during SR-TEMP-SI-DU
Sequential SR-TEMP-SE
Sequential-durative SR-TEMP-SD
Distance SR-TEMP-D
Extent SR-TEMP-E
Pronouns DEM-P
Adverbs DEM-A
Verb Derivation
Analytic passive VD-AP
Passive VD-PS
Internal passive VD-PS-VI
Embeddings and Relative Clauses
Embeddings RC-E
Option RC-O
Relative clauses RC-R
Modality: want CC-MO-W
Modality: can CC-MO-CA
Modality: cannot CC-MO-CN
Modality: must CC-MO-M
Modality: begin CC-MO-B
Modality: need CC-MO-N
Modality: other CC-MO-O
Manipulation CC-MA
Purpose CC-P
Epistemic CC-E
Adverbial Clauses
Time simultaneous: punctual AC-TS-P
Time simultaneous: durative AC-TS-D
Time simultaneous: repetitive AC-TS-R
Time anterior AC-TA
Time posterior: simple AC-TP-S
Time posterior: durative AC-TP-D
Means AC-M
Addition AC-A
Cause AC-CA
Reason AC-REA
Explanation AC-EX
Result AC-RES
Conditional: condition AC-CD
Conditional: concession AC-CS
Circumstance AC-CI
Circumstance: negative AC-CN
Manner AC-MAN
Free choice:
Determiner IND-FC-D
Location IND-FC-L
Manner IND-FC-M
Person IND-FC-P
Thing IND-FC-T
Determiner IND-N-D
Location IND-N-L
Manner IND-N-M
Person IND-N-P
Thing IND-N-T
Determiner IND-S-D
Location IND-S-L
Manner IND-S-M
Person IND-S-P
Thing IND-S-T
Determiner IND-U-D
Location IND-U-L
Manner IND-U-M
Person IND-U-P
Thing IND-U-T
Determiner IR-D
Goal & Reason IR-GR
Location IR-L
Manner IR-M
Person IR-P
Quantity IR-Q
Thing IR-T
Time IR-TI
Existential 3rd person Past NEG-COP-EX-3-PT
Existential 3rd person Present NEG-COP-EX-3-PS
Existential Other Future NEG-COP-EX-O-FUT
Existential Other Past NEG-COP-EX-O-PT
Existential Other Present NEG-COP-EX-O-PS
Possession 3rd person
Present NEG-POS-PS
Lexical verb
Imperative NEG-LV-IMP
Present/past NEG-LV-PS / NEG-LV-PT
Subjunctive/conditional NEG-LV-CN
Utterance modifiers
Connectors UM-C
Fillers UM-F
Phrasal adverbs UM-PA
Focus particles UM-FP
Time adverbs UM-T
Reversal and repetition UM-R
Negators UM-N
Yes/no particles UM-YN
Possessive and genitive constructions
ConstructINDefinite PG-C-IND
Construct Definite PG-C-DEF
Construct Definite Pronoun PG-C-DEF-PP
Prepositional Pronoun PG-PR
Determined Noun Pronoun PG-PP
Time adverbs A-T
Local adverbs A-L
Bound pronoun PP-B
Reflexive pronoun PP-RF
Relative pronoun PP-RR
Modal particle P-M
Future particle P-F
Noun and Adjective inflection
Human plural NI-HP / AI-HP
Non-human plural NI-NP / AI-NP
Feminine NI-F / AI-F
Dual NI-DL / AI-DL